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Hamilton and District Oldtimers Soccer League Thursday, August 28, 2022  
  Cup Schedules/Rules


Hamilton & District Oldtimers Soccer League  

 The H&D Oldtimers Soccer League
The league provides competitive soccer for athletes over age 35 throughout the city of Hamilton and surrounding areas. The league has grown from just a few teams to almost 40 teams playing in 3 separate divisions. The divisions support the player’s need for different levels of competition. The League has been in operation for over 25 years and is affiliated with the OSA through the Hamilton and District Soccer Association.  The league will work to provide up-to-date information for our membership. We will be updating this website throughout the season. Please take time to view our pages and provide feed backup to the league executive through use of the email link at the bottom of this page. Below are a few links for you convenience.  Have a great visit.

  Click to see - Official World Cup Site  Click to see - Manager Meeting Dates
  Click to see - O.S.A. (Ontario Soccer Association)     Click to see - Manager Contact Information
  Click to see - C.S.A. (Canadian Soccer Association)  Click to see - HDOTSL (Discipline)  
  Click to see - Hamilton & District S.A.     Click to access - NEW Player Registration Form
  Click to see - F.I.F.A.    Click to access - Player Waiver Form

 League Information Update

                                  Please check this area for League updates, Challenge Cup or Spectator Cup information.
 - SPECTATOR CUP Click to see Spectator Cup Schedule
 - MANAGERS - July 21 is the deadline for submitting team fees to the league ...Cost includes 22 players, field fees and fines 
  - Managers:
Please contact Stan at 905-388-3581 (during IVO's absence) for any last minute player registrations
 -  Soccer has been a part of Hamilton for many years. A local Ontario Historian Colin Jose has developed a website that provides information on local talent over the years. Please checkout the site at http://www.canadiansoccerhistory.com
  - Summer Heat Safety Tips - Click to see "How to beat the Summer Heat"
  - DISIPLINE updates please use the following link -   HDOTSL (Discipline)  


Oldtimers Support FIFA's Stand Against Racism:
The term "racism" is not easy to define, for it comes in many forms. Essentially, however, it is based upon skin colour as an outward indication of ethnic origin. Incongruously, the problem has sharpened just at a time when players have become more mobile than ever, not only between countries but between continents, and at a time when ethnic families have been otherwise integrated in their adopted homeland for several generations. But the trend also coincides with a deeply worrying increase in extreme right-wing activities outside the football stadium. "The solution to this problem, as to any other, lies firstly in identifying it and acknowledging its existence," says FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. "Anyone who complacently maintains that racism is impossible in their territory is not only wrong but irresponsible."
  Click to see - FIFA on RACISM 

Discipline Information:  
Players receiving Red Cards are allowed to play in all games for the next 8 days. The H&D office will review a players offense on the Thursday following the game and any suspension imposed will begin on the following Monday. Players books must be stamped and fines paid to the H&D office before being allowed to return to play. Players do not have to attend discipline hearings unless notified.   Suspension information can be found by following the discipline link above.  Ana - H&D - 905-383-0286
Please remember that this is a recreational league. Being registered with this league does not give you a license to take liberty's with other players/referee's/team officials.  Please behave accordingly. 

2022 Champions coming soon:       
Another great season for the Oldtimers Soccer League. Below are photos of divison and cup winners. Click on one of the following links. 
                 Please note we are still working on the 2022 links
Click to see - 2022 Krajina Cup Champions
Click to see - 2022 A Division Champions
Click to see - 2022 B Division Champions
Click to see - 2022 C Division Champions
Click to see - 2022 Spectator Cup Champions
Click to see - 2022 A Challenge Cup Champions
Click to see - 2022 B Challenge Cup Champions
Click to see - 2022 C Challenge Cup Champions 
2022 Season End Dance: 
We are now postingt photos from the Season End Dance as well as League Champions, Challenge Cup Champions and SpectatorCup Champions.

 2022 League Awards Dance: 

 2022 Oustanding Contribution: 
Outstanding Contribution

 Archive Photos - 2022 Outstanding Contribution
 Archive Images - 2005 Team & Dance Picture Archive
 Archive Images - 2022 Team Archive

2022 Trophy Presentations: Check out the team photos, Division Winners and runners up, Challenge Cup winners and runners up, Spectator Cup winners and runners up.  You can access the photo archive by clicking an the following link.
Click to see - 2022 Team Photos
HDOTSL Executive

  Your League Executive:

2022 Contribution Award

New Registration Form Link: Managers please click on the following link to access the new registration form.
Click to access - NEW Player Registration Form
Click to access - Player Waiver Form

Contact the League:
Please checkout our site for the latest league, cup and division information. Please use the following email link to contact the league President.
Click to < A>

Important - League Meeting Dates/Information:
Click to see - League Meeting Dates 
League waiver form must be signed by all players to be eligible for participation in the 2022 Season. Please speak to your manager for further information. 


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